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Green Lion Partners is a Denver, CO based consulting and entrepreneurial firm in the regulated cannabis industry. Founded in January 2015 by Jeffrey Zucker and Michael Bologna, GLP believes the future of this industry lies with ethical and socially conscious individuals and entities. As such, they focus on partnering with or consulting for groups that espouse similar values while concurrently maintaining a high level of business acumen. Current companies are listed below and their consulting projects focus on early entrants to cannabis; helping with business strategy, raising capital, and increasing operational efficiencies.


Green Lion Partners strives to elevate public perception of the cannabis industry and its members through responsible and respectable business practices, partnerships, and products.


Green Lion Partners’ mission is to create and support solutions to the cannabis industry that address current needs and build the foundation of a sustainable future.


Mike Bologna

Mike Bologna

Mike Bologna is a decisive and personable leader with a comprehensive background in supply chain technology consulting and project management. Currently acting as a board member for Gorilla Boost coco coir, he is also a trusted advisor for leading cannabis companies like FlowHub and VapeXhale, is a member of the ArcView Selection Committee, and a partner of Electrum Partners.

Raised in a New York City suburb as a Red Sox fan, Mike is no stranger to confronting differences in background and approach to bring forward team cohesion and define an executable strategy focused on efficiency and execution. With 5 years in supply chains ranging from Fortune 50 Department of Defense companies to coffee and tea manufacturing to custom DNA synthesis, no supply chain or process improvement project is safe from his diligence.

Jeffrey M. Zucker

Jeffrey M. Zucker

Jeffrey M. Zucker is a serial entrepreneur with experience in a wide range of industries including real estate, hospitality, entertainment, ice hockey, and legal cannabis.

Born and raised in Charleston, SC and currently based in Chicago, Jeffrey graduated from Boston University's Questrom School of Business. As early as his undergraduate years, Jeffrey began founding businesses including a property management company, a real estate development company, a restaurant, and multiple other start-ups. In 2015, Jeffrey co-founded Big Smits Entertainment, a Los Angeles-based production company developing web and TV series, among other media. He also co-founded the leading cannabis industry firm Green Lion Partners with fellow BU alum Mike Bologna. Via his parent company, Saltshaker Holdings, which manages a thriving real estate portfolio, Jeffrey also runs a portfolio of angel investments while providing advisement to various companies.

Jeffrey makes all of his business decisions with combined goals of profit and purpose, which includes a desire to carry on his late father’s mission to improve the world.


Actualizing meaningful connections and providing useful resources


LeafList is the premier, members only network for reputation and network management in cannabis. The site utilizes a proprietary rating system based on objective data points to provide members with a reliable metric when choosing to do business within the industry.

Natural Order Supply

Natural Order Supply provides small to commercial sized cultivators with the tools needed to have a successful crop from start to harvest. It's a one-stop-shop for high-quality, affordable organic products that will help you grow with ease and confidence, whether indoor or outdoor, novice or commercial.

In the Press

Super Bowl Sparks Increase in Marijuana Sales

February 12, 2016

"Situations like what Green Rush faced during the Super Bowl weekend are precisely why we advise our clients to complete stress testing above and beyond normally expected traffic,” said Mike Bologna, chief executive officer of Green Lion Partners"


Cannabis Consulting: Helping Create Winners in the Next Big Industry

February 18, 2016

"The regulated cannabis industry is booming already, and poised for a massive 2016...However, as with any venture, there is significant upside to hiring and leveraging people with operational and strategy expertise."

How to Change the World

December 1, 2015

"Why will the Cannabis Industry change the world? How will the cannabis industry change the world? Will it change the world? After asking people at the New West Conference in San Francisco, I say it definitely will..."

Pot Sci YouTube

Seven pot-related tech companies that are taking root

November 19, 2015

"Pot-related tech companies have sprung up to serve the new legal marijuana market. As legal cannabis spreads from state to state, 420-friendly technologies are expanding, too..."

NY Daily News

Issue 3 flames out with voters, but marijuana measures are likely to be reignited

November 04, 2015

"Buckeye State voters didn't like the idea of limiting the cultivation of legal marijuana to 10 growers. So they soundly rejected Issue 3, which would have legalized the growing and sale of marijuana for medicinal and recreational used...."

Crain's Post


Realizing industry goals through partnerships, affiliates, and associations

Electrum Partners

Electrum Partners

Electrum Partners is a boutique consulting firm specializing in the nascent Marijuana industry in the United States. Founded by Leslie Bocskor, a seasoned investment banker experienced in disruptive markets and technologies, the firm provides business services, strategic guidance and introductions, and industry-specific expertise to those applying for licensure or currently operating within the United States legal Cannabis industry.

The Gluu

The Gluu

The GLUU is an all-in-one ordering and distribution platform designed specifically for cannabis and wellness culture products and stores. They give product suppliers instant distribution into physical stores; and help stores optimize their operations with features like online purchasing, lower pricing, promotions, and more! The Gluu is a one stop shop for all ancillary cannabis, smoke, vapor, CBD, wellness supplies.



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